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Livadia palace

A Greek word "Livadia" means «a meadow», «a lawn», «a glade». Faced to the sea, this land in the middle of the natural forest has always been one the most beautiful points of the Southern Coast. At the beginning of the 19th century Livadia lands were owned by the Balaklava Greek battalion commander colonel F. Reveliotti.

In 1834 he sold Livadia to the Polish count Leo Pototsky. For nearly 30 years Livadia belonged to his family. By the 60th years of the 19th century Livadia was a typical southern estate.

The architect Karl Eshliman built a big manor-house, household buildings, living quarters for the servants. The gardener Delager laid out a park where local trees were successfully combined with the plants from Southern Europe, Asia and America.

The architect Ippolit Monigetti reconstructed the estate for the demands of Alexander II family and added 70 big and small buildings. The works have been carried out from 1862 to 1866.

The Emperor, his wife and children used to spend every autumn in Livadia. For the last time Alexander II visited his favorite estate in December 1880, just few months before his death.

From 1881 till 1894, during the rule of Alexander 3, Livadia was the summer residence of this Russian tsar. In 1891 the estate territory was enlarged due to buying neighboring Oreanda lands.

After the death of Alexander III in 1894 the estate was inherited by the last Russian tsar Nicolas 2. A new page in its history began. In 1910-1911 an Italian Renaissance style mansion was constructed.

1834 - the estate was founded by Leo Pototsky

1861 - the estate was bought by Russian Emperor Alexander II

1894  - Russian Emperor Alexander 3 died in Livadia

1910-1911 - a new palace was built for the family of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II

1920 -  the palace was nationalized

 1925  - a sanatorium was opened in the palace

 February 4 - 11, 1945 - Yalta (Crimean) Conference was held, American delegation headed by President F. D. Roosevelt was settled in the palace

1953 - a sanatorium was opened in reconstructed palace

1974 - the Museum of Yalta (Crimean) conference was organized in five rooms of Livadia palace.

1991 - the Museum of the Romanovs in the Crimea was housed in the palace


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