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Massandra is a part of the Yalta region of Crimea.

Massandra Palace is situated in Massandra settlement, in several kilometers west of Yalta. On this territory a small Greek village named "Massandra" was located for several centuries. So the origin of this word is Greek, but it doesn't have an exact translation.

Massandra palace resembles fairy tale castle. Its construction has long history. It is usually named the palace of Alexander III, but he never lived here. The history of Massandra estate began at 1788 when it was given as a present to French prince Karl Nassau-Zigen by Russian empress Katherine II.

Then it became property of count Michail Vorontsov, who was general-governor of Novorossia since 1823 till 1845. He bought a lot of lands on the Southern coast of the Crimea: in Alupka, Gurzuf, Ay-Danil, on Martian Cape. Large Massandra estate was bought in 1828 by Vorontsov's mother-in-law A.V.Branitskaya for her grandchildren. This estate stretches from the seacoast to the mountain foot. It is divided into 3 parts: Lower, Middle and Upper Massandra. In the Lower part there were vast meadows and park which was laid down by the main gardener of the Vorontsov's family Karl Kebah. The most attractive was the rose alley: at the times of count Vorontsov there were 900 bushes of different species of roses.

In Middle Massandra there were vineyards and tobacco plantations. Later there was constructed a famous wine cellar which now belongs to Massandra Winery plant. It produces such well-known brands as cherry, port wines, Muscat, Madera, the best wines are sweet, they are named desert or liquor wines. Have you ever tried any of "Massandra" wines? I'd like to recommend you to try some.

The Upper Massandra is a landscape reserve, because of it's beneficial climate, archeological antiquities and relic forests. While laying down a park they saved many of millennial trees: nut-trees, cypresses, oaks and beechs. In 1829 on this very place a small summer house for the Vorontsov's family was constructed. In September 1837 Russian emperor Nicolas I visited Massandra estate and stayed in this house for one night. Nicolas I usually noticed that he liked Massandra more than other places in Crimea.

Today, Massandra is known for its agricultural production, namely fortified wines.

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